Cancer AnswerLine


You or your loved one has cancer. That means you have questions.

The nurses at Cancer AnswerLine™ have answers. Call 1-800-865-1125 or e-mail from anywhere in the country. You'll get a personal response from an oncology registered nurse. The Cancer AnswerLine™ nurses are experienced in oncology care, including helping patients and their families who have questions about cancer.

Nurses are available, Monday through Friday to answer your questions. You can always leave a message or send us an email with your questions too.  Your call is always free and confidential. 

the Cancer AnswerLine Team
The Cancer AnswerLine™ Team. Call them at 1-800-865-1125!

Please note: The Cancer AnswerLine™ cannot provide specific medical advice, review medical records or make a diagnosis based on the information you provide.

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