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More People Are Surviving Cancer

More people are surviving cancer.

Over the past 30 years -- and through hundreds of clinical trials -- we've discovered better treatments so there's less chance of cancer coming back. With the help of clinical trials, we've also learned better methods of detecting cancer -- catching it earlier, when we have the best chance of curing it.

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The PSA and beyond:

An update on prostate cancer biomarkers

There is perhaps no hotter topic in prostate cancer treatment today than the use of prostate cancer biomarkers. To learn more about them, we posed a few questions to Todd Morgan, M.D., a surgeon in the U-M Multidisciplinary Urologic Oncology Clinic.

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06.24.14 - Study sheds light on racial disparity in colon cancer
06.10.14 - Mammography has led to fewer late-stage breast cancers, U-M study finds
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07.19 - Come and Visit Tour

07.26 - Fabulous Forties

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